FAQs & Care Instructions

How do I care for my rug?

Your picnic rug is not made for the washing machine as this bad boy is harsh on the fabric and design. We suggest a nice spot clean with cold soapy water. Our rugs are made with a 100% cotton canvas on the top and an oxford canvas on the bottom. They will naturally fade with sunlight due to the cotton, we have applied a top coat of UPF50+ to ensure your rug stays bright and vibrant for longer. 

Where are the rugs made?

They are hand designed in Australia with our talented designer who purchases the native flowers and draws these magical designs. The printing and manufacture takes place in a family run factory in China. We chose a Chinese factory as they were able to digitally print for us which was important to us due to sustainability. Digital printing is better for the environment and the print and design will last longer for you.

You are sold out? Why?

The environment is important to us and so we only print small quantities at a time to avoid any wastage. We will do our best to fufill your order so if we are out of stock get in touch and we can see what we can do for you.

What size fitted sheets do you have? Are these only for vans?

Check out sizing guide for size specifications but we stock King Single, Double and Queen. These can fit on any standard mattress to that size so are suitable for your vans, beds or anywhere else you have a mattress.

Do you ship overseas?

We sure do, check out shipping page for more details.